Liliana~Winner of our Photo Shoot Contest

Liliana Merie Ponce. 
She will be 12 September 8th
Her mom entered a contest to win a free t-shirt and photo shoot from Fashionista Roanoke.
I went and spoke to her and asked her to tell me the things she likes to do.
Her answers
We can see through her smile she is a sweet young lady and I also want you to know she is an excellent student as well as helps out in her parents business. 

Here is the photo shoot~
A huge thank you to the photographer
Contact her for one of your own! 
Hope you enjoy this shoot with Liliana

A huge thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us showcase this awesome sweet girl.
We appreciate the time you gave for this to happen.

They are the family owned and operated owners of 
Stop by and say hi to them and meet Liliana yourself one day!

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