Thursday, July 27, 2017

KidzforKids Show: Volunteer and get a T-Shirt

Volunteer and get a T-Shirt

We can not put on an event like this without volunteers.

We have many spots to fill and need a lot of help

Sound Guy
Door~ Collecting Toys donated (5)
Registration of Kids Participating (6)
Raffle Table Sales (5)
1 of 5 slots filled

Getting Raffle Items (5)
Set Up
Take Down/ Clean Up
People Choice Awards Table (5)
Kids Craft Tables (observe)
Event Planning (will need to meet prior)
1 slot filled - more available

Photographers (3)
Face Painting (3)

If you wish to help us out
Image result for Register here

You will receive a T-Shirt from 
for volunteering longer than 3 hours.

On the registration page you will find a group page to join.

It is important to be there so we can communicate, keep track and get ideas from each other.

Again, I would love to have someone partner to help me out with more planning and executing of this event.

Let me know if you have time to be a huge part by inbox onPromote Commotion FB page

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Promote Commotion Network of Businesses: Promote Commotion

Package #1 Rates now  $50 monthly changing on July 16 $75 monthly
I post Mon – Fri and those important event or sale days for clients. I post on many social sites and blogs on the internet.
A few examples that are hit daily.Facebook (Promote Commotion) , Twitter,LinkedIn, PinterestInstagramTumblr, Google + (Promote and Personal),FlickrWordPressDeliciousScoop It, Digg,  Flipboard, Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote, a weekly online *paper* called 
If I find a new site, I start posting on it. I don’t know until I try, but will try them all. I love my business owners and will talk about them as much as possible. Wherever and how I can.
Package #2  Rates Now~ $75 monthly Changing July 16 to $100 monthly
I manage pages where I post from  your Business Facebook page with posts during the day ~ Mon – Fri~ I will post at least 3 and up to 5 posts during the day. This is to keep your Facebook Business page current, and on the timeline. I use information and images I get from the clients, or through my own research. I try to keep each business page as current as possible and love when a client gives me lot’s of information to work with.
Package # 2 also includes all that is in Package #1 as well.
This means at least 5 days of Promote Commotion talking about your business as many places as humanly and computer possible each day.

Package #3 Rates now $100 monthly changing to $150 on July 16
Package #1 & plus manage and posting on your Twitter,Instagram, and Google+ pages as you.

Package #4 Rates now $150 monthly changing to $175 monthly
Package #1, #2, #3

Package #5 Rates will not change from $50 per month~
Events Package
Payment can be monthly, 3 months ahead, 6 months ahead or a year in advance.
Payment is always for month of service. 
Contact for more info
Click the link below to learn more!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who are the great people in the Valley?

Image result for People in our community

Our community thrives because of the people in it.

There are many everyone knows about.

There are more that you don't.

Quietly going about their days just doing what they do best.

These are the people we want to showcase.

Living a life with morals/ethics and pride.

Not to be known, but because that is who they are.

We hope you keep checking our choices of 

Great Local Folks in the Roanoke Valley and Beyond.