Father and Daughter 2017

Meet Kris and Kamryn
Kris is one of the good guys who has volunteered with Fashionista Roanoke many times. Always willing to take part on and off the runway. Sometimes he would bring his beautiful daughter with him to do photo shoots, or we would just run into him downtown. We were immediately struck by how they got along. How both always had contagious smiles. They were fun to be around. A special spark between them. We thought, everyone needs to learn about this Father and Daughter.
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When I first approached Kris about this, I asked him to list off things they liked to do together.
The photo's below represent his response to me. He had a long list, which made me smile, so here are just a few we could capture! There are also some answers to questions asked to both of them.
A huge thank you to Carrie from Say Cheese Photography for taking time to volunteer those 2 days for this shoot.

Kristopher (42) and Kamryn (8) Bryant
Father and Daughter
Things they like to do:


Best thing about each other?

Kris: The way she hugs me. 
Kamryn: He rides bikes with me.

Favorite activity to do together?

 Kris: Walk downtown together because she holds my hand. 

Kamryn: Climb trees together.

Favorite place in the world? 
Kris: Vacation with my family and wherever that may lead us. 
Kamryn: Mexico


Most annoying thing about each other? 

Kris: Any behavior that reminds me of myself as I want her to be better than me. 

Kamryn: He makes me clean my room!


Silliest thing about each other? 

Kris: Her smile because she is missing teeth! She's my little jack o lantern. 

Kamryn: Dad let's me do crazy things like jump off trees!




Best memory with each other? 

Kris: When she was a baby and her head fit in the palm of my hand. 
Kamryn: Putting makeup on dad!


Favorite part of the photo shoot together?

Kris: Spending time together doing something we both enjoy. 

Kamryn: Putting makeup on daddy because this was the first time he ever let me do it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kamryn: Vet because I want to help animals and I love animals. 

What is your dream for Kamryn's future? 

Kris: She follows her dreams, learns from mistakes and lives a life she's proud of.

Once again, Thank you to Kris, and Kam for taking the time out to do this shoot. A huge thank you to Say Cheese, Photography for volunteering both days.

We hope you have the opportunity to meet these guys, and see what we saw. 
Amazing people in the Valley that truly make a difference. There is nothing like a father's love except maybe a daughter's love to her father!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!!!

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